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School Supplies

Adventist Christian School Admission Process:​

  1. Schedule a school tour. We want for you and your child to get to know us.

  2. Complete the Student Application.

  3. Schedule a testing date.  The testing process is designed to assess your child’s readiness to attend Adventist Christian School.  You will schedule this date with the principal once you have completed the application.

  4. Submit one copy of your most recent report card.

  5. Provide a current copy of your IEP/504 Plan/Evaluation (if applicable)

  6. Provide most current standardized test scores.

  7. Transcripts from current or most recent school. A record of behavior from the transferring school is required to be considered for admission.

  8. Schedule a student and parent/guardian meeting to discuss test results and placement.  If the child is in an academic level that the school cannot help, admission to the school will be denied. 


Adventist Christian School reserves the right to deny admission to any individual who cannot benefit from enrollment based on past academic achievement, behavior or current testing results.

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