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The integrity of the Seventh-day Adventist educational system is dependent on meaningful Bible curriculum that helps students develop an understanding and knowledge of God and a relationship with Him that will transform their lives.

The teaching of the Bible should have our freshest thought, our best methods, and our most earnest effort.  -ED 186


Using the Bible as its foundation, the elementary Bible curriculum seeks to give students
opportunities to:

  1. Know God and develop a life-long relationship with Him, using the Bible as the source of truth.

  2. Understand and share Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, heritage, and worldview.

  3. Experience what spirituality is and how it is demonstrated through knowledge (head), attitudes (heart), and actions (hand).

  4. Develop a sense of self-worth through a relationship with God, and develop interpersonal skills to respond with sensitivity in service to others.

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