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Founded in 1934 and located in Columbia County, Adventist Christian School is one of the oldest parochial schools in the CRSA. We aim to provide an education that recognizes God as the ultimate source of truth and knowledge. Our principal mission is to educate children to study, believe, trust, obey and share the Gospel of Christ, remaining firm in the blessed hope of His soon return.

Middle School Class

Why Choose Us

Adventist Christian School provides a
Christian-based education along with a family atmosphere that supports character building
and parental involvement. Some other reasons to choose ACS for your child include:

  • Participation in community service

  • Involvement in music programs and drama performances annually

  • Technology available for learning including ipads, 3-D printers, and more!

  • PreK-10th grade classroom teachers are certified and are required to take continuing education courses

Our Facility

  • Fully Equipped Gymnasium

  • Robotics, Media, and STEAM Center

  • Outdoor Physical Activities

Statistics show that students have better interpersonal motor skills learning in this type
of environment.

  • Spacious Classrooms

Computer Class

Benefits of a
Multi-grade Classroom

Students in Classroom

We have a lower teacher-pupil ratio than other private schools in the area. This allows for more careful assessment of the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each student. The teacher is better able to individualize the instruction to fit the student’s needs, learning style, and potential.


PE Class

Our small school setting largely escapes the fixed schedules, pull-out programs, red tape and administrative trivialities of larger schools. This enables new teaching strategies to be implemented with a minimum of delay. Field trips, projects and use of equipment can fit into the actual flow of the classroom learning experience without having to adjust to the plans of several other classrooms.


Students at School

Several studies have found that multi-grade classrooms improve personal and social development. Students learn to work with a wide age span. Cooperative learning and peer tutoring helps sharpen social skills. Independent work habits as well as greater feelings of responsibility and self-esteem are developed. Competition between peers is reduced, as is the anxiety and pre-occupation of having to compete.

 Social Skills 

Graduation Caps

Studies have shown that students from multi-grade schools do as well or better on standardized tests as do students in single grade classrooms. However, more small school students go on to college.

  Academic Achievement 

Students Praying

Seventh-day Adventist Christian education focuses on preparing students for eternity. The smaller setting allows time to be spent in sharing and building a personal relationship with Christ. Smaller groups and flexible scheduling make outreach in service to the community easier to accomplish.

  Spiritual Growth  

Chess Game

Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills from an early age. Every student is called upon to lead out in some aspect of the school program - a true training ground for the future.


Our School & Facility

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